Jordan's Gift has helped so many...........

12 Feb

Ulster Hospital Intensive Care Unit

In recognition of the outstanding care that Jordan (and his family) received from the staff at Ulster Hospital ICU, a substantial donation was made to the ‘Patient Fund’ and two Leather Recliner Chairs were purchased for use by families having to stay in the ICU

Epilepsy UK (N. Ireland Branch)

A substantial donation was made to promote awareness of Epilepsy in N Ireland

SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy)

A substantial donation was made to promote awareness of SUDEP


‘Jordan’s Gift’ funded a film project which placed 20 Young people with disabilities and/or social deprivation directly into a film set. The film project taught them life skills and communication skills as well as teaching them about the art of film making

Donaghadee Sharkies

A Rugby Club for more than 30 young people, all with Special Needs. Jordan’s Gift paid for their trip to the International Tag Rugby Festival

Ski Ability

A ‘Downhill Ski Club’ in Craigavon where over 20 adults and young people with wide ranging needs including Downs Syndrome and Autism meet weekly and partake in the sport of skiing. Jordan’s Gift  paid the annual fees to the Council for the hire of Craigavon Ski Slope

IFA Disability Section

Jordan’s Gift paid for four young for four young people with Special Needs to attain their Level 1 Irish Football Association Coaching Award

Sweet Sound Café

This café in Dundonald provides training for young people with learning difficulties enabling them to integrate into the community. More than 30 young people with learning difficulties use this facility on a daily basis. Jordan’s Gift made a substantial financial award to help with running costs

Tor Bank and Longstone Special Schools

These local schools support and educate young children with complex physical and intellectual needs. Jordan’s Gift provided  ‘School Sports Packs’ and financially assisted with their non-curricular running costs

Ballynahinch Appeal

Provided an electric wheelchair to a young girl who became paraplegic following a fall caused by a diabetic coma

Hollie Massey Fund

Contributed to the Hollie Massey Appeal to help pay for transport to the USA and to pay for surgery for the removal of a brain tumour from 14 year old Hollie

Millisle Assist

Jordan's Gift made a significant donation to a young father (and his very young family) who had just been informed that he had a brain tumour preventing him from receiving any income (he is self employed)

East Belfast Help

Jordan's Gift provided a Moto-Cross Style bicycle to a child recovering from open heart surgery and paid for a Spa Day and Treatment for a young mum recovering from Cancer

Jordan's Gift Cup Football Tournament

Jordan's Gift sponsors the annual IFA Disability football tournament involving between 60-70 young children with varying degrees of disability

A safe bed for Ruby

Jordan's Gift provided funds to enable the family of a four year old girl, who has had a heart transplant but needs additional care, to buy a special safety bed to ensure she is safe at night and doesn't come to any harm


A film project to highlight and raise awareness of disability was funded by Jordan's Gift


Jordan's Gift made a significant donation to assist MACS in their work in Northern Ireland supporting children and young people who may be experiencing homelessness, substance abuse, self-harm and mental health issues 

Epilepsy NI

A substantial donation was made to promote awareness of Epilepsy in N Ireland

Electric Handcycle

Jordan's Gift helped to purchase an electric handcycle for a young person living in County Armagh. This young girls lives with Spina Bifida and wants to cycle with her friends and family

Glentoran Disability FC

Jordan's Gift sponsored a Football Tournament organised by Glentoran Disability FC for young people with varying degrees of disability

Bangor Rehabilitation 

A young girl was unfortunately paralysed following a car accident. Jordan's Gift provided financial help to assist with her rehabilitation

Belfast and Lisburn Community Project

Jordan's Gift provided financial assistance to the BALC Project which helps the homeless throughout NI and provides a 'Walk Inn' Food Bank in Belfast

Harry's Place

'Harry's Place' is a cafe in Ballynahinch providing a range of facilities and services to empower those with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, sight and hearing impairment and mental health issues. Jordan's Gift is delighted to make a financial award to the work at Harry's Place.

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